List of past seminars held by ICPCA

  DATE Speaker Title 24 May 2023 Mr. Bob Diderich Regulatory Cooperation at the OECD in the near and medium-term 27 Apr 2023 MSc. Meral ERKAN By-law on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals(KKDİK By-law) 6 Feb 2023 Mr. Le Viet Thang The new regulations guiding the Vietnam Chemicals Law (Decree No.82/2022/ND-CP and Circular No.17/2022/TT-BCT ) and the future plan for the Development of the Chemical Substances Management System 13 Jan 2023 Ms. Ni Yahui The head of the Chemicals Registration Centre, Taiwan Environmental Protection Department, explaining the registration of existing substance standards. 15 Dec 2022 Mrs. Desy Rasta 続きを読む →




International Compliance Promotion and Certification Association(ICPCA)

  • – Address: 2-2-18 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
  • – TEL: 03-5207-2922 FAX: 03-5207-2923
  • – Secretariat: set in Honeycomb Techno Research Inc.
  • – Representative Director: Baikan Chin (CEO, Honeycomb Techno Research Inc.)
  • – Director: Fukushima, Takashi(Former  Director for chemical management policy, METI & Former Director General, Chemical Management Center, NITE)


Support of regulatory compliance

Support of regulatory compliance Promote regulatory compliance through information dissemination and support companies’ activities regarding regulatory compliance to chemical regulation etc. ICPCA will provide a supportive environment to member companies by issuing a collection of actual case studies and explanatory notes regarding the key points to deal with the updated regulations in corresponding countries. In addition to the support using the case studies and the explanatory notes, ICPCA is planning to establish a support desk to provide interactive supports such as study sessions. While exchanging opinions with our member companies, ICPCA’s compliance support activities will continuously evolve.

Review and Certification of regulatory compliance

Review and Certification of regulatory compliance Review compliance of companies  regarding their products to the regulation on chemical products including safety regulation, quality and product standard and provide certification by request. The survey and judgment criteria in ICPCA will be realized by the legal/regulatory consulting know-how related to import and export of chemical products provided by Honeycomb Techno Research Co., Ltd. that was accumulated through many years of experience. ICPCA enables small and medium-sized enterprises to comply with the legal requirements by providing reliable copings and validity confirmations simultaneously that are difficult for SMEs.