List of past seminars held by ICPCA

  DATE Speaker Title 25 February 2022 Mr. Le Viet Thang Principal Official, Division of Chemical Management, Vietnam Chemicals Agency “The update of the plan to improve Vietnamese chemical substance management system, including the current registration status and the promulgation of inventory in the future” 6 December 2021 Mr.Guilherme Vilhena Mr.Michael Wenk Regulatory updates in South America 30 November 2021 Mr.Bob Diderich Safer substitution. The need to incentivise an increased pace towards the implementation of safer alternatives 24 Augst 2021 ENGR. EDWIN ROMEL NAVALUNA CHIEF, CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT SECTION (CMS) ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT BUREAUENGR. STEPHEN YECPOT SENIOR ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT 続きを読む →