List of past seminars held by ICPCA

  DATE Speaker Title 24 May 2023 Mr. Bob Diderich Regulatory Cooperation at the OECD in the near and medium-term 27 Apr 2023 MSc. Meral ERKAN By-law on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals(KKDİK By-law) 6 Feb 2023 Mr. Le Viet Thang The new regulations guiding the Vietnam Chemicals Law (Decree No.82/2022/ND-CP and Circular No.17/2022/TT-BCT ) and the future plan for the Development of the Chemical Substances Management System 13 Jan 2023 Ms. Ni Yahui The head of the Chemicals Registration Centre, Taiwan Environmental Protection Department, explaining the registration of existing substance standards. 15 Dec 2022 Mrs. Desy Rasta 続きを読む →