Activities (1) Information dissemination of regulatory compliance Study and accumulate regulatory information on chemical products including safety regulation, quality and product standard. Disseminate such information to industries by various measures including inviting relevant authority to seminars and workshops as lecturers. (2) Review and Certification of regulatory compliance Review compliance of companies  regarding their products to the regulation on chemical products including safety regulation, quality and product standard and provide certification by request. (3) Support of regulatory compliance Promote regulatory compliance through information dissemination and support companies’ activities regarding regulatory compliance to chemical regulation etc.  

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Overview of International Compliance Promotion and Certification Association (ICPCA) Objective Chemical products are essential for daily life and traded around the world. On the other hand, chemical products may cause risks to human health and the environment. Because of this nature, chemical products are regulated for their production, distribution, export, import and so on. In this regard, compliance to chemical regulations is very important for the businesses involved in chemical products. Recently, chemical regulations are newly introduced or updated in countries such as China, East Asia, and the ASEAN countries, etc. However, such regulations are complicated and difficult to comply 続きを読む →