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Overview of International Compliance Promotion and Certification Association (ICPCA)


Chemical products are essential for daily life and traded around the world. On the other hand, chemical products may cause risks to human health and the environment. Because of this nature, chemical products are regulated for their production, distribution, export, import and so on. In this regard, compliance to chemical regulations is very important for the businesses involved in chemical products.

Recently, chemical regulations are newly introduced or updated in countries such as China, East Asia, and the ASEAN countries, etc. However, such regulations are complicated and difficult to comply even if such regulation is introduced based on global standards such as GHS because of different domestic circumstances, regulatory culture and deviations.

Under such circumstances, the General Incorporated Association for International Compliance Promotion and Certification (hereinafter referred to as “ICPCA”) was established to support Japanese industries to access to the updated regulatory information on chemical production, import, export, and distribution. Such information covers not only the regulations themselves but also the implementation of the regulations.

ICPCA‘s mission is to support compliance and restrain the unreasonable burdens of industries through activities   such as information dissemination.